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A book publishing company. We help the "Self Publisher" create an easy flow to writing their book, publishing it, and getting it into the market quickly and affordable.

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Our Business Is To Promote You!

With today's technology, marketing books has become easier than ever before. The technology of today's websites, including Amazon, and other online marketing and sales companies, narrows the learning curve of years, into a smaller timeline. Our services will not only walk you through this timeline, but educate you in every step.

We have a complete web and graphic design department that specializes in search engine optimization. One of the benefits of using Providential Press Publishing is our expertise in the internet world. Not only can we build you a website, we can create an aggressive social media campaign, which can be maintained by either you or Providential Press.

We don't offer packages, we offer options! With options, it becomes very affordable to get your book into print.


It is important to publish your book with a publisher who will work with you from start to finish. A reputable publisher should also have the necessary experience and expertise not only in book publishing, but also in book marketing, which will enable your book to reach the widest audience possible. With our graphic design department, website design department and printing abilities, we can optimize the market with an aggressive campaign.

Being a published author is ultimately all about reaching out to your readers and sharing your story. We will work with you, and advise you on what you can do to keep the cost down; or we can market your book for you. We recommend both to optimize marketing.

Schedule Your Distractions,
Turn off your cell phone,
Grab an audio recorder, or disconnect your laptop from the internet
Find your own writing place, and
Bring out the author in you!

Tools To Assist You

Book Sizes & Templates:  There are 9 different standard book sizes, 3 of which are the industry standards. If you need a custom size other than the 9 standard sizes we offer, we can accomodate. This will add a few more days to your printing timeline for special cutting. Just know, for a custom size, you will need a custom writing template. Contact us and we will send you a list of the standard sizes. Most books are printed in a Portrait style, but we can accomodate a Landscape style, if needed.
Book Pages:  There are three paper weights that can be used; 50 lb, 60 lb, and 70 lb. The 50 lb of course, would be the least thick - 70 lb being the heaviest. The standard paper weight in any book you pick off a bookstore shelf will be 50 lb. It is the perfect option for novels, poetry books, or other books that use little or no photos. 70-pound white paper is our highest quality paper. We recommend the 70-pound paper for books that include many color photos, such as children's books.
Cover Template:  We will take the worry away from you, regarding the design of your book cover. We will work with you in developing your vision of the cover. We will also direct you to a website that has 1000's of royality free photos and grahics. If you design your own, make sure we provide you all the details regarding resolution, dimensions, text placement, book spine, placing your ISBN with the barcode and embedding all your fonts.
ISBN & Barcode:  If you imagine your book in bookstores, it will need an ISBN (International Standard Book Number), and a barcode. An ISBN is needed for each format, such as, Paperback, Ebook, Hardcover, etc. We will purchase the ISBN for your book, in your name. We will also create a barcode to place on the back cover of the book, after you choose your price. If you are certain you will not be selling your book in any bookstores, your book does not need an ISBN. If you are uncertain, get one! An ISBN cannot be placed on your book after it has been printede, unless you reprint the entire book.


Book Pricing: We will need the size of the book you choose, how many pages (must be an even number), any color pages and the number, and the quantity of books you want printed (minimum 24). Once we have this information, we can send you a PRINTING quote. To give you an idea: 5.5 X 8.5 size book, 16 pages, order of 24 books = approximately $5.50 per book, plus shipping and handling. Of course, the more you order, the less each book will cost.

We offer options to keep money in your pocket, and many authors can do some of the work themselves. Here is a list of the other options we offer:

Formatting your book for the final PDF file - $125
Converting formatted copy into final PDF file - $25
Proof reading for typos and grammer - $150
Designing book cover - both front and back - $300
Copyright your book in your name - $100
Purchasing your ISBN in your name - $150
Creating your book's barcode - $25
Building a website landing page
(includes annual hosting and email) - $430
Optimize landing page for search engines - $300
Creating Social Media pages - $100 for each media
Social Media Maintenance - Negotiable
Search Engine Marketing - Negotiable


Art Books
Business Topic Books
Biography/Memoir Books
Children's Fiction
Color Books
Devotional Books
Fiction Books
Health/Fitness Books
History Topic Books
Hobby/Special Interest Books
Nature/Outdoor Sports Books
Non-Fiction Books
Novels Photography Books
Poetry Books
Religious Books
Self-Help Books
And More


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